The Beginning

Hi everyone! My name is Ashley and I am a subscription box addict (this is the first step right?). It all started with Birchbox. Then came Ipsy, Whimseybox and Gizmocrate…and the list just continued!  I ended up with so many tiny bottles of things I would never use and a sour taste in my mouth after BOTH the Whimseybox and Gizmocrate debacle, I canceled all of my current subscriptions except for my hubby’s man birchbox and our Presley-pup’s barkbox. This lasted two whole months until I stumbled upon My Subscription Addict (damn this site!), I became obsessed! I check it daily, can’t wait for the emails, checking facebook, it’s terrible! I ended up with the Allure Beauty box, Walmart seasonal, Target beauty box, reunited with Ipsy, Darbysmart, Glossybox, Boxycharm, Elf Beauty Bundle, Popsugar Must Have, Graze, and the Kinderbox for the hubby. He still has birchbox and Presley still gets barkbox.

Anyway, after I realized I have a serious problem, I decided I needed to lighten the load and my thoughts of all the products (the loves, hates, wtfs, etc). I decided I don’t ever need another Allure Beauty box, Elf beauty bundle was great for the first one, the June release didn’t tickle me at all; canceled; never liked birchbox, not signing up again and my first Darbysmart was woefully disappointing. Damn I miss Whimseybox. I felt like it was higher end, full products, not prints I could have done off my home laser printer.

But I’m getting off track, I needed an outlet to vent and I’ve never been conventional. My Etsy embroidery shop is Jumping Jackalope (I still grin everytime I see the logo), my hair is fire engine red, my husband is covered in tattoos and I just couldn’t (can’t) stand the “norm”, thus came Offbeat Swag.

I hope this turns into an outlet for all the beauties who may be unconventional, the misfits, the misunderstood, the straight up punk-rock chicks who maybe love makeup but don’t feel like they fit in with the other gals hanging around on beauty-blogs/sites.

Let’s do this…..

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