Popsugar Must Have – Limited Edition Summer Box

I think Popsugar is my new favorite. I am still soooo bummed about missing April’s monthly PSMH, but glad I didn’t get May’s. I’ve been creeping My Subscription Addiction and Facebook for spoilers on June’s box but had only seen the Quay Sunglasses (I must be the only person on the planet not looking forward to these – and not because “I wear subscription sunnies” – I just think they’re ugly and will make me look bugged eyed. Here’s to hoping I’m wrong on that front!).

Anyway – then I saw Popsugar come out with this LE Summer box and before my brain could get a handle on things, my hands had already checked out!  Whoops!

Weeks of anticipation then the spoilers came! Initial thoughts: ehhhhhh  (and then I started obsessing and reading about the contents every other day minute, and started getting a little more excited.

I literally happy danced when the package finally arrived. Not only my first Popsugar, but my first LE box! Commence the ripping of tape, paper, cardboard, etc, etc.


It was beautiful. The box is classy and sturdy and I will most certainly be keeping for my own swag, or using it to gift later. I love that they dropped the extra dough for the foil embossing, makes it feel so much more lux.


When I finally stopped drooling over the exterior packaging, I removed the lid. It was like Christmas, or my birthday, or special day – beautiful tissue paper, little sticker, then everything individually wrapped?! It was awesome!


I didn’t get a picture of everything wrapped, I couldn’t contain myself any longer and had to check everything out.


I’ll start with the most expensive item and work my way down.

First up: Kendra Scott Ainsley Cuff Bracelet – $120

I wasn’t excited about this at first. I don’t wear gold. But then I saw it, with the fabulous packaging and immediately tried it on – it’s a keeper. It shiny, intricate detail and actually looks pretty rad on.


Next up: Omorovicza Gold Shimmer Oil – Value $80

Oil? With Gold? Really…why? Ok, whatever, I’ll try it. The oil actually absorbs quickly, the scent isn’t my favorite, but it’s not bad by any means, and well, a girls got a right to be sparkly.

I read some people we’re planning on using it in their hair? What a great idea! Not! I have super thin, fine hair and my hair hates this stuff. Totally ruined what could have been a good hair day and turned it into a jaw clip and headband day (yea, it was that bad). So skin only it is!


Next: Baggu Weekend Bag – Value $74

Being in the bag business [Jumping Jackalope, – sick of my self promotion yet ^^] I can’t help but think the price was severely inflated, but I had been planning on picking up a few weekender bags so this came right on time. When I actually was able to check the bag out, I couldn’t help but thinking,  it was damn impressive.  The canvas is at least 18-20 oz, the zippers were heavy duty metal and the stitching is perfect. The bag is over-sized and great for a weekend getaway. I can’t wait to try it out!


Sunny Life Beach Paddles in Bronte – Value $26

This was the item I was least excited about. I have no idea what I was going to do with these and had honestly planned on giving them to our nephew….until my husband saw them sitting on the table “where did these come from?! I love paddle ball!), uh, I guess we’re keeping them then….


Fringe Studio Glass Tray Love Anchors The Soul – Value $13.95

I love everything nautical and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this tray. It now has my little, silver fox ring holder sitting on it, adorning my dresser. I just wish it was a little larger. It’s on the small side at just 4×6. But it’s nautical, has an anchor on it, and I love it none-the-less.


Savannah Bee Company Honey for Cheese and Dipper – Value $7.50

I’m a bit of a cheeseburger and fries kind-of-girl and don’t know how I feel about fancy, smelly cheese, then loading it up with honey. It sounds interesting, but I think this honey would be better served in my tea. I love the packaging and that it came with a little dipper.

Last thoughts: This was an awesome experience! The box has a value of around $320 (cost was $100). That’s a great return and I will keep/use everything in it.

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