Beauty Fix – June 2015

My first Beauty Fix! Beauty fix is a monthly sub from It’s $26 a month and comes packed to the brim of products!

IMG_20150614_113135 IMG_20150614_113233IMG_20150614_113326

They also sent a card that detailed all the products received!

IMG_20150614_113519 IMG_20150614_113556

There was quite a few products I have never heard of before and I was excited to try!


My husband works outside, so anytime I receive small SPF samples, they immediately go into his lunch box.

Roloxin Lift Revitalizing Facial Treatment – came with two treatments. The treatments are supposed to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I wish it would have came with a week to thoroughly try out, but you are supposed to be able to see a difference ASAP.

Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask – I love masks! I have terrible skin – redness, blotchiness, acne, you name it, I got it. Masks are about the only thing that actually help me feel like my face is really clean. I wish this would have came with the full set and the brush, but if this stuff works as great as I hope, I might be splurging and grabbing it anyway!


Cargo Cosmetics Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 in Nude – The color seems like it will be crazy dark in the tube, but it actually goes on pretty sheer. The color is still a bit orangey for my skin tone, but after putting on foundation, it blends perfectly. I really love the formula, its light, really does moisturize and I actually like that it’s tinted.

Paula’s Choice Sun 365 Self Tanning Concentrate – This product is an interesting one. I like that you can use your own lotion to create a self tanner, but I have sooo much self tanner, that I’m just going to put this up for swap….

Ashford & Co. Shave Cream  – Ok, so the shave cream is meant for men, but honestly, I don’t care. This smells wonderfully and works great. Besides, it’s a shave cream, you’re going to most likely follow up your shave routine with a pouf and fav body wash (at least I do), so if you think the smell if too “manly”, it would get washed away anyway.


iS CLINICAL Cleansing Complex – I’m always looking for a good cleanser. This particular cleanser can also be used for shaving (according to the site) and will work as a make-up remover!

Arcona Cranberry Toner – this toner smells AMAAAHZING! I haven’t used it as a makeup remover, but I like the formula for being a toner. Did I mention it smells wonderful?!


Oscar Blandi Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray – Having ridiculous thin, fine hair, you’d think I’d be all about the dry shampoos, but honestly, I don’t like them at all! Or I haven’t found out the secret to using them properly….either way, also going up for swap.

Pretty happy with my first beauty fix! Can’t wait until next month’s!

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