Popsugar Must Have – June 2015

Ok, Popsugar is definitely my favorite. I had a great experience with the summer limited edition, then a few days later the June box came!

Popsugar is a monthly sub for $39.99.


I love the attention to detail Popsugar seems to have; from the curation, to the packaging. Popsugar is a great experience.


The first thing I noticed was the amazing smell coming from the box. At first I couldn’t figure it out, then realized it was coming from the:


Spongelle Boxed Flowers Body Wash Infused Buffer in Papaya Yuzu – my goodness, I may not be able to use this sponge! The packaging is lux and the scent! I think these will be part of my christmas gifts this year, I think everyone should experience spongelle. The Popsugar June box also came with a 30% off coupon to Spongelle which I used immediately – for a foot buffer and a manly Spongelle for the hubby ❤


Quay Australia Mandate sunglasses – the most anticipated item (or most dreaded?) – the Quay sunglasses. Soon as I saw the photo of the model, I knew these were not for me. Darnit, I was right 😦 these look terrible on me! They are up for swap.


Pacifica Eyeshadow Palette – The packaging and the colors of this palette were great. I couldn’t wait to try these out! I was a bit disappointed about the pigmentation of this palette. You can barely see it on my skin tone, and I tried building it up.  I definitely can use it for work and meetings, but I like a little more drama to my make up.


In the Unlikely Event by Judy Bluum – I’m more of a Science Fiction/Fantasy fan and don’t typically read novels like this, but after reading the description, I can’t wait to dive in. The novel is based off a true story from the author’s hometown, Elizabeth, NJ. The fact the story is based in New Jersey is kind of neat for me too, (hailing from Jersey myself).


Snap Infusion Super Candy – these were super tasty, not something I would buy, but would happily eat them for free! They had a lot of flavor, a bit tangy, and juicy.


Yogitoes Peacock Headband – I don’t do Yoga, but can always use a headband for working outside, cleaning my face, or applying a mask. I like the color of this band as well. After wearing it for while, the band lost a lot of it’s elasticity. I hope after washing it, it will go back to it’s initial shape/size.


Sweet & Spark $30 Promo Card – I didn’t think I would find anything I liked, there is a ton of gold, but I actually found a gold ring for $48 and with this promo code, was able to score for $18. I can’t wait to see it in person (the Kendra scott bracelet may have just converted me to gold lovin’)

This box was worth about $100! That’s pretty great if you consider only paying $40 for it!

July’s theme has been revealed:


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