BarkBox – June 2015

I love BarkBox, and so does our boxer, Presley. So much in fact, that if she even sees the outer packaging, she goes nuts!

The day June’s BarkBox arrived, I wasn’t expecting it! I also received my first Grazebox so I was more excited to open that. When I got back from the mailbox, Presley spotted her box and was overly anxious to start exploring. Like running up the stairs in front of me and trying to grab the box from me, tripping me and causing quite a scene….

I was trying to work on taking pics and opening the Grazebox, but kept getting nudged and getting the full blown tantrum (crying, huffing, large sighs), why wouldn’t I open her box, damnit! I finally looked down, and this is the look I got:


WTF MOOOOM, let’s go!!!

How could I resist that face?! I had to open her BarkBox right then.


As usual, BarkBox didn’t disappoint. Presley received two treats, two toys and a bandana (which she refuses to wear for any period over 2 minutes).


The contents:

Airball – $9 – This was the first item Presley received. She immediately grabbed from me and ran away. She tossed it in the air, chased it, chomped it, absolutely loved it (for about 5 minutes until she ran back for her next item).


Astronaut – $13 – Not gonna lie, I always groan a little bit when she gets toys with stuffing. I can’t tell you how many “skins” we have from being completely mutilated. I thought this astronaut was crinkly and had the rope, so maybe he would fare better than the others….boy was I wrong. He lasted about 2 days before he also became a “skin” with a rope….she still plays with these items, but my boss and I have been taking turns cleaning up little fluff balls around the office.


Presley also received:

Peanut Butter Pocket Trainers – $8 – I think it was a little strange to include such tiny snacks in the Big&Bold 50lbs+ Barkbox. They are SUPER tiny and I would have to give her a big handful. Presley is also crazy picky and she did not care for the tiny morsels. These will be going to her baby, Beagle cousin, Penny.

Lamb Lung – $8 – These must be sold out, because you can’t click on the individual link, so this link will bring you to all the items that might have been included in the different sized BarkBoxes this month. Presley devoured these. She’s on a pretty strict (ha ha ha) lamb diet and loves it, so anything lamb doesn’t last long. She went through the whole bag over the course of a day….(it wasn’t a huge bag)….

Space Rover Bandana – $5 – This bandana is adorable, but let’s face it, it’s more for the parents then it is for the dog…Presley won’t wear it unless I force her into it, so this will just go into the toy basket and probably become a tug-a-war item….

Conclusion: Presley gets the 6 month subs, so I pay around $22 a month for Barkbox. This month’s contents were worth $43, but the laughs I get out of Presley going nuts over her toys is priceless.

Everyone at the shop knows when it’s BarkBox day too, she runs around all day with the various toys, showing them off….

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