Boxycharm – June 2015

I live in New Jersey and we were just hit by a crazy storm on June 23rd. Downed trees, power lines, debris everywhere. We are without power and most likely will be for a few days. I’ll be doing these reviews from my phone, so please excuse any weirdness that might happen (spelling, Grammer, weird spaces and what have you). Below are a few pics of my neighborhood and from my boss’s house. We have no power at our shop either. The storm was scaaarrryy, I swear the 60ft+ trees in my back yard were going to completely snap in half. My neighbor had a few that did. We were lucky and had been working on clearing out more of our backyard and had just taken down a bunch of dead ones a few days prior. They surely would have also came down and probably taken out our fence, more of our neighbors fence, and a few could have reached the house.

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Anyway, those of you in the northeast, I hope you and yours stayed safe.

On to the review!

Boxycharm is a monthly sub for $21 a month. They send 4-5 full size and deluxe beauty items. This is my second one!


I really loved everything in June’s Boxycharm. This is what it contained:



Eslor Chlorophyll Lifting Mask – FULL SIZE! Value $38

When I think of masks, I always think of mud masks for some reason, so I was quite surprised when I opened this and it was hulk-green gel! It doesn’t have a strong smell and smooths over the skin easily. I immediately started feeling a tingly/tightening sensation. After a few minutes, my face couldn’t move (lol), but I am used to this from masks. After I washed the green off (which actually applies clear), my skin felt smooth and I noticed very small differences in lines. I’m sure if I used more often/consistently, this product would work small wonders on my face!


The Beauty Crop Lighting Crew – FULL SIZE! Value $10

I haven’t heard of beauty crop, so I was excited to receive this product. This is a highlighter and you only need a small amount to get brightened areas. I haven’t given it a full trial run yet, I tend to get shiny all on my own, but I think I might try it for the upcoming bbq this weekend 🙂


Bellapierre Cosmetics Kabuki Brush – Value $30

I LOVE this Kabuki brush. It’s very soft, very full and works great. I have been using it with Bare Minerals foundation and a bronzer and it gives me great coverage with no streaks or random buildup. Don’t mine my abused chapstick for size comparison 😉


Doucce Click Click Lipstick in 803 – FULL SIZE! Value $24

I normally never wear anything on my lips other than chapstick, so I wasn’t really excited about receiving a lipstick. However! This is the most perfect shade for me and has converted to the OCCASIONAL lipstick wearing girl. I love the unique packing too (I feel a little like James Bond with it in my bag)


NCLA Nudes Nail Lacquer in Volume IV – FULL SIZE! Value $16

I actually didn’t own any nude nail polish before (I know, I know, I am working on this girl stuff here), so I was excited to add to my arsenal. This nail polish has great coverage, I love the color and it lasted for a few days before chipping. I can’t really give honest reviews on longevity of nail polish because I work with solvents most days and my hands take some abuse…

June’s BoxyCharm was a HUGE win for me. The value is incredible (around $118) and I will use/love every product. What were your thoughts on your June Boxycharm???

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