The Kinderbox – June 2015

The Kinderbox is a newer monthly subscription for men ($35 plus shipping). My hubby was getting a little green with envy for all the boxes showing up every month so I wanted to treat him to a little sumpin-sumpin. After doing some research, I found this sub and signed him up. When he found out he was getting it, there was daily questions when it would arrive ❤ (can’t say I was a bit anxious myself to see the experience)

The day of reckoning finally arrived:


The box had a wood grain design all around it, which I thought was a nice touch for being geared towards men. The box came with 5 products a few snacks. My husband was happy with everything, I felt like it was a very Birchbox man experience and wasn’t thrilled with the value, but it is a newer subscription, so hopefully it will get better with time (or maybe I just have crazy expectations – we shall see 😉


Billy Jealous – White Knight Facial Cleanser – 2 oz. – Value $6

I feel like the only product Birchbox sends is Billy Jealous, so I wasn’t happy to see this in another subscription box. Hubby always uses the products and they smell nice. Some of the Billy Jealous products really try out skin and scalp though…


Solid Cologne -“Mysterious”   – Value $6.50

Another Birchbox item….  I like the concept and the tin, smells nice. Moving on.


Range Leather – Baker Wallet – Value $25 (color Maple)

This is a really well made, Horween leather wallet. The leather is very thick and supple and the stitching seems strong. It fits about 3-4 cards/ids/what have you.


SpitfireGirl – Ahoy Wood Notepad – Value $7.00

I love anything nautical, so I have been eyeing up this notepad, hoping the hubby forgets about it so I can snatch it up (muahaha)

From the site: Eco-friendly sustainably harvested cherry wood notepad pad 75 Blank 100% post-consumer recycled pages. Measures 3″ x 4 1/2″


Lumo Clip Light – Value $5.99

First thing hubby said – why did they send me a personal vibrator?? Then he picked it up and turned it on – oh.  The flashlight is very bright, comes with a carabiner clip and it small enough to not take up too much space on your key rings. He is an electrician and gets into some tight spots, so I can really see this flashlight coming in handy.


Smokey Tom Turkey Snack Sticks – Value? I dunno – $1?

I couldn’t find a price on these and the closest store that carries them (according to the weaver’s website) is over 40 miles away, so I guess at the price. Hubby ate them immediately and said they were tasty.

So we paid $37.75 for the first box and it has a value of around $51.50. I’m ok with this because it made my husband happy, and that’s good enough for me.

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