Pink Hair!

So i have been dying to get me some pink hair. Like stalking every girl on instagram with it, pinteresting it and reviewing every pink dye under the sun.

At first I thought I wanted a pastel. So I bleached my red hair and received a golden/orange ombre do’. I sported it for about a week. One, to let my hair take a little break and two, I hadn’t had a crazy color since highschool. I was scurreed.


I finally took the plunge and put Pravana pink in my unwashed hair. Donned a shower cap and hung out for an hour. After the timer went off, I rushed to wash my hair (with cool water). To my dismay it appeared like my hair didn’t change color at all. I towel dried my hair and sure enough I did not have pink hair 😦 The orange had lightened considerably and now my hair was almost a light yellow, almost white. It actually was really neat, but not pink.

After pouting for an hour, I decided this would just not do. After work, I stopped by my local Sally Beauty store and picked up Ion Color Brilliance in Magenta. Ran home, immediately washed my hair and dried it, then doused my head in the dye. It was very thick/creamy and I used the entire tube for good measure. I left this on for 45 minutes, washed and….20150717_200653

Gorgeously pink hair!!! I am LOVING it. 🙂

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