Beauty Fix – July 2015

I’ve been a bit of a slacker and haven’t been keeping up with my posts. So today! I will try and play a little catch up!

This is my second month of receiving Beauty Fix (currently offering 50% off first box). Maybe I am a bit spoiled with full size or at least deluxe samples, but this month was a total bust in my opinion. Bring on the tiny vials and foil packets! It could also be the 50% off promo they have going on that has resulted in the sub-par box.

Typical monthly cost – $24.95 a month for $100 worth of products. You can also do a one time purchase for $34.95 (if available).


This month’s card detailing the items:

IMG_20150713_130345 IMG_20150713_130253

The first item I checked out was the:

IMG_20150713_130513 (1)

Deva Curl 3-Step Introduction Kit: No-Poo (1 oz Value $3), One Condition (1 oz Value $3), Light Defining Gel (1 oz Value $3)

I have painfully straight, thin hair. I have no use for this. That and I loathe foil packets….


Glo Minerals Lash Boosting Mascara – FULL SIZE! Value $19.50

This is a decent mascara. I have recently converted to the thin/plastic-y wands with blackest of black formula and love them. This wand has a tiny, full bristle head. It’s not a bad formula, not my favorite, but usable for normal/casual looks.


Erno Laszlo Firmarine Face Bar – .6 oz Value $2.80

I actually think this super tiny bar of soap is adorable. I would have preferred a full size, but, I will get a few washes with it, did I mention it being too cute to open?

Harry Josh Professional Styling Clips – Value $10

These clips are great for styling or coloring your hair (bright pink, of course!). They we’re in a “free gift” bag, but I ave a feeling that Dermstore still counted this towards the value of the box…

SkinCeutical Metacell Renewal B3 – Sample – size isn’t listed so I have no idea on how to put a value

this is such a small sample…and I think it could have been free from a beauty counter.

SkinMedica Replenish Hydrating Cream – .25 oz Value $8

again, small sample.


Vichy Purete Thermale 3-In-1 Cleansing Solution – 1 oz – Value $2.50

This is a cleansing solution. I actually think of it as a toner, or a make up remover. Smells nice and because it’s alcohol free, is gentle on the skin.

SkinCeutical Metacell Renewal B3 – Sample

Again, another tiny sample with little-to-no information.

Dermstore Lip Quench – FULL SIZE! Value $12

This is actually my favorite item in the box! It has a very faint pink-ish gloss to it and it is very hydrating.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask – 10 ml Value $5.40

This is a mask that only takes 5 minutes to use. I have soooo many sample masks right now, it might take me awhile to get around to trying this.

So, Beauty Fix advertises $100 worth of products, but I can only account for less than $70 and that’s including the “free” gift! I know a lot of subscribers are really unhappy with this box. While I don’t mind receiving some samples, I don’t really like receiving a full box of them, that I paid for. This is why I cancelled Birchbox and haven’t looked back!

Hopefully next month is much better.

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