BarkBox – July 2015

My pup and I love BarkBox! We always sign up for at least the 6 month sub, which makes the boxes $21 a month. Presley is a 70lb Boxer, so we get the the Big&Bold 50+ box. Presley is always a little bored at the office, so it’s always an exciting day when her monthly BarkBox arrives!


This month was one of my favorites! The plush toys are absolutely adorable (and for some reason still in one piece!) and the treats were a favorite of my EXTREMELY picky pup.


Circus Elephant – Large – Value $13

I love this little elephant! It is so adorable, has a little squeaker, and Presley has not ripped it to shreads yet! She does like to carry it around the house with her though!



Circus Ticket – Large Blue – Value $12

Another plushy, squeaky toy that has remained in tact! I love this month’s BarkBox theme!


And so does Presley! She has been carrying BOTH the ticket and the elephant all day. It’s been pretty funny watching her horde her new toys!

The other three items I was not allowed to get up-close pics of because she had to have her treats, but BarkBox included:

Green Bark Gummies  – Value $8

Anything stinky and chewy is right up Presley’s alley

BBQ Chicken Jery Chews – Value $7

again, stinky and chewy

Trachea Krunchie Tube – Value $3

Presley loves these chews that BarkBox always includes. My hubby always says Prelsey looks like she’s smoking a cigar when she has these:


Conclusion: This month’s BarkBox was a huge success and we received $43 worth of quality products and one happy pup!

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