BuluBox – July 2015

I debated even doing a review on this brand due to the first box they sent me, but felt it best to give an accurate description of my occurrence in hopes that others will have all the intel they could get before deciding whether or not they wanted to sub. I had read many reviews that stated foil packets and super tiny samples, but for only $5 a month I figured I would give it a shot anyway. When I received this box, my first thought, was it seemed heavy for foil packets.


There was a full jar of gummies inside! However, after closer inspection, I saw this on the gummies:


I immediately had red flags and a bit of a sick feeling. Either this was expired stock that Bulu received deeply discounted, or a bunch of these fell off the truck. Either way, someone purposely removed the phone number and ripped most of the rest of the label. Needless to say, I canceled my sub IMMEDIATELY.

After reading a few reviews of people who actually tried them, complained of a weird after taste. I’m glad I tossed this along with some of the other items…

Martha Stewart Essentials Vegetarian Multivitamin Gummies – FULL SIZE! Value $16.99


Urgent Rx Upset Stomach Relief To-Go – Value $1

I actually kept this sample. It’s a good item to have when out and about…

Ovega-3 – 2 softgels – Value $1.60

I can’t take Fish Oil supplements due to some medical issues, so I would think this alternative is probably a no-go for me either…

Nuvia Cafe – 1 packet Value $1

I’m not a fan of instant coffee, however, this product gets good reviews….


Movit Energy Gummies – 1 oz Value $1.50

The night I received this Bulubox, my husband had to work a double shift. I gave these to him to hopefully give him a little extra jolt. He never did tell me whether or not he had any results…

FUNNBAR Protein Candy Chews – 2 chews Value $.50

Again, after the Martha Stewart gummies, I wasn’t really interested in really pursuing this box, so these also went in the trash…

Conclusion: I am very unsettled by Bulubox and I think this was a terrible way to start a sub.

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