The Kinderbox – July 2015

This is my hubby’s second Kinderbox and I have to say, this box seems MUCH more substantial to me than June’s.


And I was happy that it didn’t include any Billy Jealous products. Our shower is filled with small samples from BirchBox

This month’s Kinderbox really seemed to stay true to the “real men” statement, which makes me think of outdoorsy, rugged types…


Paracord Knife With Fire Starter – Value $18.99

I couldn’t find this exact knife, so I grabbed one from Rothco. Seems very similar. My husband loves knives and has quite a collection, and this one will fit right along with what he has!

Light My Fire Spork – Value $5.99

A plastic spork that also includes a knife (on the fork part that you put in your mouth???) interesting concept, not a fan of the design, rather not cut my mouth open while trying to eat. I guess this will work if your VERY careful LOL


Nite Ize CamJam Small Cord Tightener with Rope – Value Approx $4.50

A very useful item in my husband’s garage. Can be used to hoisten, winch, rig and tighten

Skillet – Fennel & Black Pepper Bacon Spread – Value Approx $5.70 (4oz jar vs the 10.5 on the site)

My husband couldn’t wait to try this! I wish Kinderbox would have included recipes or ideas on use, but Skillet’s website had a few ideas. We ended up putting it on pork chops. It had more of a peppery taste, than bacon, IMO.


Dreadnought Eco Warrior Deodorant – Value $8

This deodorant smells really nice and I think the packaging is killer!

Conclusion: We spent just over $37 for this box, and it had a value of approx $43. The value isn’t as much as I would hope, but this is a relatively new box and the curation was pretty spot on.

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